Psychological Services

Our clinicians can provide the following services at your facility or office:


Geropartners conducts assessments and evaluations in order to determine what mental or behavioral health issues exist and to recommend realistic solutions to most effectively treat such issues.  Some of the most common assessments GeroPartners provides are as follows:

  • Diagnostic/functional evaluation (e.g, mental health and/or dementia),
  • Decision-making evaluation (e.g., medical, financial, independent living,guardianship)
  • Forensic evaluation (e.g., competency to stand trial; mental status at the time of the offense)


Based upon evaluation of what problems are identified, GeroPartners can then best intervene, usually via geriatric care management, individual and/or group therapy, and/or behavior treatment.  We will further collaborate with other professionals, as warranted, to tailor treatment. This could include referrals to other providers (e.g., a psychiatrist or nurse practitioner for medication, neurologist for medical scan).


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